The Feast: 15 Initiatives to Watch in 2015 – Spotlight on 3DPrinterOS | 3DPrinterOS

The Feast: 15 Initiatives to Watch in 2015 – Spotlight on 3DPrinterOS

We were honored to be selected by The Feast as one of the initiatives to watch in 2015. They were kind enough to put a spotlight on us and we’ve included it below for your viewing pleasure.

The Feast is thrilled to present the official winners of our 15 Initiatives to Watch in 2015 campaign, curating the most remarkable ventures today. Trail blazers in their own right, we are featuring these innovators and their bold initiatives for the community to rally behind throughout the year — kicking off with global dinner parties on January 31st.  Interested in hosting your own?  Get involved here.

Said best by the people at 3DPrinterOS themselves, “3DPrinterOS is the gateway into 3D Printing. Users can learn how 3D Printing works, access walkthroughs, slice, repair files, share designs and control multiple printers from a single cloud interface. As an operating system supporting the majority of desktop 3D Printers, 3DPrinterOS makes turning ideas into physical objects easy.”


Wow! To imagine a world where 3D Printing is accessible to the common person is just amazing. The company is creating open pathways to greater knowledge and practical applications of 3D Printing.

What can we expect from 3DPrinterOS?  Aaron Roy, head of operations and strategy, says that what sets them apart from the pack is that “they not only offer the software that makes 3D Printing possible, but also the how-to’s, walkthroughs, and curriuculums geared for all age groups, enabling future makers ,tinkeres, and leaders to enter into the world into 3D Printing.”

Looking forward to seeing where this company goes in the coming years.

Via The Feast Blog

We’re looking forward to the coming years and the exciting developments in 3D Printing, cloud slicing and connecting the world to 3D Printing as well!


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