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Maximizing ROI for 3D Printing

Investing in commercial printers presents a lucrative opportunity with impressive returns. Discover how a modest initial investment of $200 to $5500 per printer can quickly pay off, especially with the rising demand. Implementing a small markup for supplies and a flat rate for print time can significantly boost your library's revenue streams.

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Optimizing Your 3D Printing Workflow

Enable thumb-drive free 3D printing
Minimize human error in setup
Designate administrators and users
Save and analyze print parameters for enhanced efficiency

Empowering Through 3D Printing Software

Our revolutionary 3DPrinterOS software streamlines and semi-automates your printing workflow, empowering both libraries and users. From ensuring adequate material levels to managing complex print jobs, our software simplifies the process, making 3D printing accessible to all.

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We have an amazing group of students working on solving real-world problems using these printers, as opposed to if all these machines were sitting there collecting dust. There is actually not enough capacity, and we need more of them
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Mitra Anand, Advanced Technology and Prototyping Specialist
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Seeking Improved Accessibility

Libraries are dynamic spaces constantly seeking new ways to integrate evolving technologies. Join us in our ongoing effort to adapt and evolve by exploring innovative solutions that enhance accessibility for all patrons.


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What to Expect From Our 3D Printer Fleet Software

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