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3D Printer Software for Education

Bridging Theory with Practice Via Our 3D Printing Software for Education

Wouldn’t you want your students to apply the theoretical knowledge you provide and become active creators? With our 3D Printing software for education, you're equipped to transform challenges into opportunities for growth. We help you simplify access and boost interaction and efficiency in learning with our user-friendly 3D printing educational resources. Explore below why we are your best bet:
Quick and Easy Access for Students

Enables students to submit 3D print jobs in under 30 seconds. The user-friendly interface of our 3D Printing software for education ensures a smooth, hassle-free experience for users of all skill levels.

Enhanced Printer Utilization

Witness a remarkable 357% increase in 3D printer utilization. Join over 6000 enterprises and educational institutions worldwide who trust our 3D printer software for their 3D printing needs.

Extensive Experience and Reach

Benefit from over 1300 years of combined 3D printing experience on our 3D printing platform. Join a thriving community of 300,000+ users and leverage support for over 180 types of 3D printers.

Comprehensive Control via Browser

Manage an unlimited number of 3D printers, users, and queues effortlessly through your browser. Our 3D Printing software for education simplifies the printing process, making it accessible and successful for everyone.

3D Printer Software for Education

Key Features and Benefits

Advanced Model Preparation Tools

Visualize, repair, prepare, and slice models for 3D printing with just a few clicks. Ensure top-quality prints every time.

Seamless Workflow Management

Incorporate Single-Sign-On integration with platforms like Shibboleth and SAML, ensuring secure and seamless access for your users.

In-Depth Monitoring and Reporting

Gain complete insight into your 3D printing process. Our 3D Printing software for education allow you to track, monitor, and audit every aspect, helping you analyze trends, estimate filament usage, and even bill users accurately.

Efficient Workgroup Coordination

Allocate and manage access for educators, students, and printers easily. Our 3D Printing software for education streamlines the process of model visualization, repair, slicing, and printing.

Smart Cost Estimation and Billing

Are you facing challenges in tracking and billing for 3D print jobs? Our smart cost estimation and billing feature is here to simplify your process. You can now effortlessly estimate costs and bill students with easy integration into third-party platforms like CBORD and Papercut, boosting your administrative efficiency and convenience. So, enhance your operations with our 3D printer management software today.

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"We have an amazing group of students working on solving real-world problems using these printers, as opposed to if all these machines were sitting there collecting dust."

Mitra Anand
Advanced Technology and Prototyping Specialist

Free up your time and make things easy for your students

With 3DPrinterOS, I have more time and I can focus much more on teaching. It's easier for everyone!

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Manage and monitor an unlimited number of 3D printers and users.

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Stay updated on your print progress, no matter where you are.

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