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3rd Party Payment Providers in 3DPrinterOS

3DPrinterOS efficiently integrates various 3rd party payment providers. These offer users an optimized 3D printing experience with streamlined and secure payment mechanisms. Dive in to understand each integration.

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Understanding PaperCut's Role

PaperCut and 3DPrinterOS are tightly integrated through a specific API.
Key connection elements include:

- Matching 3DPrinterOS user emails with Papercut account details.
- Regular balance updates in 3DPrinterOS.
- A unique 3DPrinterOS key for API calls.
- Transaction Dynamics in 3DPrinterOS

When a user triggers a transaction in the 3DPrinterOS cloud, Papercut receives detailed information. This includes the user’s email, transaction amount, and a specific comment. The transaction gears up when a user adds a task to the queue.

Balance Checks and Adjustments

The system checks the available funds using the [getUserAccountBalance] API call. If adequate, the [adjustUserAccountBalanceIfAvailable] function modifies the balance according to the job's cost.

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Handling Refunds

Job hitches, like cancellations or failures, warrant user refunds. The calculation? Job cost times the uncompleted percentage. For clarity, a 99% completed $100 task getting canceled gives a $1 refund.

Efficient Payment Management with 3DPrinterOS

Admin Controls

Organization admins can alter job costs. This results in a new transaction and consequent balance adjustments. Automatic refunds can be toggled off, allowing admins to set refund amounts. Additionally, a Papercut link is strategically placed for student accessibility.

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Stripe and CBORD: Expanding Payment Horizons

3DPrinterOS has embraced Stripe and CBORD, further solidifying its position in cloud-based 3D printing payment solutions. These alliances ensure that users enjoy diverse, efficient, and secure payment options.Overall, 3DPrinterOS stands tall, ensuring smooth and diverse payment options through top-tier 3rd party payment providers.

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