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3D Printing Software for Schools

3D printers have the potential to revolutionize the way schools teach. Students can now create models and prototypes of their designs, allowing them to see their ideas come to life. Investing in 3D printing software for schools is essential for integrating this innovative technology into the curriculum.

However, school districts have some unique challenges when they are managing 3D printers and users in multiple institutions. All of these can be solved with 3DPrinterOS.

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3D Printer Management Software
3D Printer Management Software
3D Printer Management Software
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Access for Everyone

Created to be user-friendly, 3DPrinterOS is also robust enough to run the 3D printing programs at Yale, Harvard, MIT, and many other world-class universities.
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Modern Industrial Machinery
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Manage 3D Prints Easily

3DPrinterOS gives IT and admins the ability to see what’s being printed, by whom, and when. It also includes powerful tools for managing prints, such as the ability to pause or cancel a print job, detect failures or charge for filament usage.
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Smart Classes
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Cost Effective

3DPrinterOS reduces the cost of running a 3D printing program district wide. In the past, admins who oversee 3D printing in schools often had to track data and manage prints manually, which was time-consuming and error prone. But, with our 3D printing software for schools, you can track everything in real time and multitask effectively for better outcomes.
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Modern Education
An all-in-one platform that drastically reduces the time required to run your 3D print program at an Educational Institution
3d printing for students

Cloud-based platform

3DPrinterOS is a cloud-based 3D printing management platform designed to streamline the process of 3D printing for school districts. Our 3D printing software for schools enables staff to manage files, machines, and students across their district from a single interface, through the web.
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3d printing for students
3d printing for students

Print directly from TinkerCAD

3DPrinterOS allows students to 3D print directly from TinkerCAD. 3DPrinterOS is the #1 3D printing management software for school districts that gives users the ability to quickly and easily repair designs, customize settings, slice in the cloud and send files to the queue or the 3D printer.
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3d printing for students
3d printing for students

Standardize 3D printing

3DPrinterOS grows with your 3D printing labs. As you and your school district prove the success of your 3D printing program and increase the number of users, types of 3D printers, affected disciplines and projects.
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3d printing for students
Want to standardize 3D printing across every discipline and location?
As the technology continues to evolve, it is becoming increasingly accessible and affordable. This makes it an ideal tool for use in the STEM/STEAM
curriculum, where it provides students with a hands-on learning experience.
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''Checking the toolpath allows us to remotely manage their processes, where before it was more of a trust operation, or we had to do it for them."

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