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3DPrinterOS' TinkerCAD Integration

No more wasting time by downloading STL files.
Submit all of the print jobs directly through the browser.
Want students to submit 3D print jobs in less than 30 seconds?
Discover the seamless integration of TinkerCAD and 3DPrinterOS for efficient 3D printing. Say goodbye to time-consuming STL file downloads and hello to streamlined print job submissions directly through your browser.
3D Printer Management Software

3DPrinterOS & TinkerCAD: Build STEM confidence by bringing project-based learning to the classroom

One-Click 3D Printing Made Easy

With TinkerCAD's integration with 3DPrinterOS, submitting print jobs is as easy as clicking a button. Whether you're a student rushing to meet a deadline or an educator managing multiple projects, you can now submit 3D print jobs in less than 30 seconds.

A Seamless Experience

This integration provides a fluid workflow to the students as they can submit all of their 3D print jobs to the 3D printers via Google Chrome or Safari.


Empowering Education and Exploration

TinkerCAD and 3DPrinterOS together create an environment where learning and exploration thrive. Educators can effortlessly manage student projects, while students can focus on unleashing their creativity without the hassle of complex printing processes.

One Click 3D Printing

Kids, educators, and hobbyists use TinkerCAD to design anything imaginable. Utilizing 3DPrinterOS through TinkerCAD will bring your projects into reality.


How It Works: Seamless Integration for Effortless Printing

Submitting print jobs through TinkerCAD and 3DPrinterOS is a breeze. Simply design your project in TinkerCAD, click the "Print" button, and watch as your creation comes to life. No more cumbersome file downloads or software installations—just one-click 3D printing at your fingertips.

Having difficulties increasing the throughput of your 3D printers?

Design with TinkerCAD

Create and design your 3D model using TinkerCAD and 3D print the part.
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Boost Learning

Get students up and running with our intuitive 3D printer management software quickly.
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Manage with 3DPrinterOS

Manage files, machines, and students across your locations.
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Experience the simplicity of one-click 3D printing with TinkerCAD and 3DPrinterOS. Start bringing your ideas to life effortlessly today!
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Enable 24/7 printing

Our software controls help you to ensure that the users won't damage the previous print jobs.

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Manage and monitor hundreds of printers with thousands of users.

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Data and Reporting

Analyze users and 3D printers for efficiency, productivity, and innovation.

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