How does 3DPrinterOS compare to Repetier -
the 3D printing software?

How does 3DPrinterOS compare to Repetier-Server?

3DPrinterOS and Repetier-Host provide a 3D printer software for 3D print farms.
At its core, 3DPrinterOS is a complete software package that does much more than just direct drive and monitor the machines. At first glance, the programs are similar, but there are major differences.

3DPrinterOS: an all-in-one 3D printer management software

3DPrinterOS is a cloud-based operating system for managing users and 3D printers. It allows you to securely send 3D print jobs to your 3D printer via the cloud. With 3DPrinterOS you have the opportunity to control your 3D printer from your laptop, smartphone or tablet. The software is compatible with .STL, .3DS, .3MF, .AMF, .OBJ and well as, .GCODE file formats.

A 3D printing management software to control your 3D printer fleet

3DPrinterOS, gives you real-time access to all of your files and your 3D printer. You can monitor the progress of your printer at any time and Pause or Cancel the print job, if necessary. You can apply custom settings to all of the 160+ 3D printers that we support. Our 3D printer management software offers the ability to control multiple printers at the same time, while also seeing the Live View.

Repetier-Server: 3D printing software

Repetier-Server is a solution that allows users to manage their 3D printers via a web interface. With this, all settings that users can set directly on the printers can also be made easily and clearly from the PC. So they can also control their printers remotely. With Repetier-Server, users can manage multiple 3D printers simultaneously from one instance.

Repetier-Server offers their users to select a specific area of the object they are currently printing in the Preview area during the printing operation, which is to be excluded in the further process. This is particularly useful if you are printing the same object 3 times in a row, for example, and a part comes off the print bed in the middle of the printing process. This stops them from losing all five parts, as this function allows them to exclude the detached part from further printing.

Repetier-Server: Advantages and disadvantages

What are Repetier's advantages?

- Useful if you use more than one 3D printer
- Various 3D printers can be controlled with the same .GCODE
- The basic version is free of charge, Pro version can be tested for 2 weeks free of charge

What are Repetier's disadvantages?

- Not suitable for beginners or an Organizational environment
- User permission management
- Difficult setup

3DPrinterOS vs. Repetier

3DPrinterOS makes it easy to control and monitor 3D printers remotely. With the cloud software, you can access the printing process on the go, adjust settings if necessary, and monitor the print progress with a camera. 3DPrinterOS is the perfect software for educational institutions and enterprises as it will be developed to maintain and manage a 3D printer fleet with the ability to host various users and admins and define adequate user settings.
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What to Expect From Our 3D Printer Fleet Software

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