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3D Control Systems and HP working together !

3D Control Systems Collaborates With HP To Enable Connectivity with Multi Jet Fusion Systems
3D Control Systems and HP working together !

Integration of HP 3D API with 3D Control Systems software to optimize efficiency and improve process development

SAN FRANCISCO: 17th March, 2021 — 3D Control Systems, a premium advanced manufacturing software solutions provider, is collaborating with HP, the leader in industrial 3D printing solutions, to integrate the HP 3D Application Programming Interface (API) with 3D Control Systems additive manufacturing workflow software.

The integration of HP 3D API enables 3D Control Systems customers using HP Jet Fusion systems to streamline workflow, optimize job efficiency, and analyze production efficiency with access to critical data.

HP Jet Fusion users will be able to connect directly with their systems through 3D Control Systems software to simplify device management and get real-time updates on performance and efficiency.

“Our customers demand the highest level of efficiency and digital manufacturing capabilities as they look to optimize their 3D printing production,” said Michelle Bockman, CEO, 3D Control Systems. “The ability to easily connect systems, receive important data and streamline workflow is critical to meet industrial-grade performance and quality requirements. We are excited to work with HP and take advantage of the API connectivity and support they are providing to the industry.”


About 3D Control Systems

3D Control Systems is the parent company of 3DPrinterOS which revolutionized the desktop 3D printing industry with their Operating System platform introducing “one click” manufacturing.  3D Control Systems has now launched an automated, workflow platform purpose-build for advanced manufacturing helping customer drive efficiencies and simplification.  

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Michelle Bockman
Enterprise Go-To-Market Leadership | Profit and Loss Growth Strategist | Advisor | Angel Investor
Advisor 3D Control Systems
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