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Unboxing the Felix 3D Printer 3.0

We’re are excited to be working on the integration of The Felix 3D Printer. Please visit our forum for more information on the integration of this printer and to request the printer you think we should integrate next. Happy Printing!



Power max: 220W
Voltage: 110-240V, automatically adjusting powersupply
Nozzle diameter: 0.35mm
Build volume: (x, y, z) (255, 205, 235) mm, When printing where dual extrusion is required, the buildvolume reduces to 240mm. But when printing with a dual head and only using one of the two nozzles the x range is 255
Layer height: 50 micron to 300 micron
Heated bed temperature range: 0 – 95 degC, When isolating bottom temp can go upto 115 degC. Ultra light aluminum sandwich plate.
Nozzle temperature range: 0- 275degC
Axes positioning resolution: (x, y, z) (50,50,10) micron
Display unit: 20×4 character display, for assembled printer this is standard included.
Stand alone printing MicroSD card reader integrated into electronics board. So stand-alone printing is possible even without the display unit

The printer is designed in the following modules:

Frame module:
Extruded aluminum frame parts
Easy connectors, the frame is assembled by just screwing 6 hex bolts

X (moving head) and Y (moving table) module:

Linear ball bearing
Printed parts
NEMA 17 motor
Heated bed

Z-axis module:

Linear ball bearing
Printed parts
Precision machined trapezium lead screw with bronze nut
NEMA 17 motor

Extruder/Hot-End module: (this is multiplied by two when you have a dual extruder printer)

Hot End
2x Fan
NEMA 17 motor

Electronics module:

FELIXprinters electronics
3x opto-sensors
1.8m USB cable
Power cable
Display Unit included

Miscelleaneous parts:

Tie wraps
Bolts and nuts
12V 250W Powersupply FlexATX


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San Francisco, USA


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