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3DPrinterOS and Ultimaker team up to offer free 3D printing classes in New York

Free 3D Printing Classes in New York: Join 3DPrinterOS and Ultimaker for Hands-On Learning!
3DPrinterOS and Ultimaker team up to offer free 3D printing classes in New York

3DPrinterOS, the cloud operating system for 3D Printing, and Ultimaker, a leading 3D printer manufacturer, will be collaborating in 2015 to offer free classes on the basics of 3D printing in New York and San Francisco. These classes offer soon to be makers the chance to learn: “What is 3D printing and how does it work?” and “How do we take an idea and turn it into a physical object?”[caption id="attachment_591" align="aligncenter" width="800"]

3D Printing 101 at Brooklyn Public Library

3D Printing 101 at Brooklyn Public Library[/caption]As an open-source company, Ultimaker is always looking for opportunities to share information to help inspire and educate the next generation of makers. Working together with 3DPrinterOS in New York is the first step towards sharing excitement and knowledge around 3D printing.Why the 3DPrinterOS / Ultimaker collaboration is important:Currently 3DPrinterOS has been teaching these free classes with support from Shapeways, Brooklyn Public Library and Foxsmart Filament. They are specifically targeted at those that are completely new to the technology and it’s a chance to come in, ask questions and be talked through the entirety of the how the printer works, how the print process happens, different types of printing technology as well as get one on one training on how to get started in their 3D printing journey. Every attendee is given free access to 3DPrinterOS and can expect to take something 3D printed home as well.3DPrinterOS is also working to move these classes online to expand access to 3D printing education. In addition to their operating system users will be able to learn how 3D printing works, access walkthroughs for specific printers and learn the basics of 3D printer repair.[caption id="attachment_590" align="aligncenter" width="640"]

Students seeing an Ultimaker 2 print for the first time

Students seeing an Ultimaker 2 print for the first time[/caption]“We’ve seen tremendous interest in these classes in the past few months in New York, people want to learn about 3D printing and ask questions about how this technology could change their lives,” said 3DPrinterOS CEO John Dogru. “Collaborating with Ultimaker for these classes gives our audience the ability to see 3D printing in action on some of the best machines in the world.”A typical range of topics include:

  • 3D printing terms and definitions (Extruder, Gantry, XYZ axis, Gcodes, STLs).
  • Basic history of 3D printing.
  • How printing process actually works and desktop filaments (ABS v. PLA).
  • Other materials beyond thermoplastics (Chocolate 3D printing is a very popular question, but also metal, carbon fiber, sand, polymers, resins and alloy blends).
  • Discussing what real things can be made already on desktop machines; 3D printing is beyond just rapid prototyping but actually additive manufacturing. (i.e. 3DPrinterOS has participated in making Raptor hands for eNABLE. These 3D printed prosthetics are made out of PLA and comparable to $40,000 prosthetics.)
  • Hands on access with 3D printed objects in a variety of materials (metal and other high end materials supplied by Shapeways).

The first class from 3DPrinterOS and Ultimaker will be February 28 at the Brooklyn Public Library. More information could be found here:

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