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Thoughts on 3D Printing and Guns

August 1, 2018
Our own Aaron Roy contributed this article.  You can check out his free online course on 3D printing via University of Illinois.  
A few quick thoughts on 3D Printed (3DP) guns, now that Defense Distributed is on the precipice of being able to distribute gun designs on their site, although as of August 1, 2018, they were halted from distribution by a temporary restraining order from a federal judge.

 3DP software and Guns







Overall, 3D printing has many advantages over traditional subtractive manufacturing techniques but there is no way the manufacturing of guns is one of them. You can legislate and delete the files all you want but at the end of the day, these gun files have already been circulated on the internet and will continue to circulate faster than a legislative body or centralized security operation could possibly monitor.


There are high hopes that 3DP companies will continue to innovate and roll out the appropriate safeguards needed to mitigate any potential negative outcomes.


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