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Carbon3D Eiffel Tower Challenge

We we’re inspired by Carbon3D’s recent video of printing the Eiffel Tower on their new 3D printer 25-100x faster then current models today. We printed the same Eiffel Tower file on the Makerbot Replicator 2 via 3DPrinterOS to see just how fast we could produce the same print in PLA.

We used 5 percent infill, 120 mm/s print speed, 10 mm/s base layer, and 90 mm/s for infill at 250 microns resolution.

Our final time: 13:46. Not too shabby!


1518 Pershing Drive,

APT F, CA 94129,

San Francisco, USA


49 Wyckoff Ave,

Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA


Mektory Innovation Center building

Raja 15 , Tallinn,

12618, Estonia

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