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Octoprint Alternatives

Explore alternatives to OctoPrint for smoother 3D printing experiences. Find the right fit for you.
Octoprint Alternatives

When looking for software for managing 3D printers remotely such as 3DPrinterOS or Octoprint it’s important to understand the differences between the platforms and how they work.

OctoPrint is a great free open source host software for using a web interface for controlling a 3D printer. It utilizes local hosting set up on a Raspberry Pi to connect a single 3d printer to a web UI so it can be operated remotely. Just as there exists many versions of Linux, there also are many other solutions built on top of the this open source software, I.E. AstroPrint. These solutions are terrific options for DIY enthusiasts and makers who are comfortable logging into a Raspberry Pi via SSH or remotely and configuring the exact settings for their specific network.

How Host Software Works With 3D Printing

How Host Software Works With 3D Printing

3DPrinterOS is a product you can purchase for your Enterprise or school that provides a scalable cloud platform for managing all users, files and machines in your Additive Manufacturing (“AM”) workflow.

Machines can be connected to the 3DPrinterOS in various ways such as via PC, Mac, Ubuntu or Linux. This means that in addition to Raspberry Pis you could use almost anything as an IoT device to connect your printer into the 3DPrinterOS cloud. Multiple machines can be connected to a single IoT device.

How 3DPrinterOS Works
How 3DPrinterOS Works

Having a true cloud infrastructure means that all users, files and machines inside of 3DPrinterOS can be accessed and managed from a web browser (I.E. Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC and Linux devices) anywhere in the world. Utilization rates sky rocket with the ability to provide 1000’s of users access to limited 3D printing resources, in a reliable and scalable way.

Schools and 3D Printing Software
3DPrinterOS increased AM Utilization at Duke

This becomes especially important for Enterprises and Rapid Prototyping labs as they need a standard infrastructure to not just control the machines but monitor the processes associated with AM. Without connecting all machines, users and files to a centralized platform, it’s difficult for companies to manage the access controls, permissions and security risks associated with implementing AM. Being accessible via public cloud or privately managed infrastructure means 3DPrinterOS is the first platform that can comply with COBIT and HIPAA regulations as well.

To learn more about 3DPrinterOS, visit here for a demo.

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