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The Role of STEM 3D Printing in Modern STEM Education

Discover the transformative impact of STEM 3D printing in educational settings. Enhance hands-on learning and innovation in STEM disciplines with advanced 3D printing applications.
The Role of STEM 3D Printing in Modern STEM Education

The Role of STEM 3D Printing in Modern STEM Education

3D printing is a fun and interactive way to teach STEM topics. It has numerous applications in modern education. However, there is still a long way to go with the integration of 3D printers into classrooms.

Because of our software for 3D printing we often get to hear from the amazing people who run STEM programs and makerspaces. 

The natural connection between STEM and 3D printing

There can hardly be a better ally for STEM education than 3D printing. It can reinvigorate topics of science, technology, engineering, and math into something very attractive for both the techy and the creative students.

It's natural that 3D printing and STEM are a good fit for each other. 3D printing incorporates all that STEM has to offer. It brings science and technology to life while solving complex engineering problems using math!

Educators we’ve talked to agree there's a natural connection between STEM topics and 3D printing. They’ve said it’s a low-barrier entry point to making, and a way to attract students into STEM that may have held back otherwise.

Benefits of using 3D printing for STEM education

One of the many benefits with 3D printing is how it boosts creativity. The sky is the limit. Students can use 3D printing as a medium to channel their imagination and create a tangible item.

And it's practical, hands-on experience. There's something magical that happens as students learn to make things. Students typically do not have access to tools the way prior generations may have, and 3D printing is a way for them to create.

When schools find community partners, students can work on solving real-world problems. They can design a product from start to finish and see it in action. Some of our clients have teamed up with businesses or even the local zoo, so that students can work on real projects.

Attracting students into STEM can be a big challenge for educators. We've heard from our clients that 3D printing helps to overcome this barrier. Students learn the language of STEM while enjoying it, instead of just having to follow a textbook or theory.

How is 3D printing being integrated into STEM education?

In both K12 classrooms and university makerspaces, 3D printing is being successfully integrated into curriculums. A lot depends on the school’s culture, and the willingness of the teachers to adopt new methodologies.

From studying anatomical models in health to landform formations in a geology class, 3D printing can enable a better understanding for students. It can be a tool they use to make pulleys, levers, and telescopes. We often hear of 3D printing being used in robotics class.

And of course, 3D printing goes hand in hand with technology and design. Some students are learning CAD in high school now, giving them a significant boost in their potential engineering careers.

As mentioned, we get to hear every day from makerspaces that are successfully integrating 3D printing into their STEM courses. We love that we have a small part to play in making 3D printing more available and accessible to everyone.

Be free to contact us with questions you may have about running multiple 3D printers in your STEM program!

Rene-Oscar Ariko
VP of Global Sales

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