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Cloud Slicing Software for Additive Manufacturing

Revolutionize additive manufacturing with Cloud Slicing Software. Streamline your workflow and enhance your 3D printing process
Cloud Slicing Software for Additive Manufacturing

Cloud Slicing Software for Additive Manufacturing

Every 3D printer comes with proprietary software that allows you to upload your model and designate your printing parameters. While convenient, downloading the software for every printer in your print farm to every user’s device isn’t efficient. Even more so if you want to print the same model to a different printer. 

This leaves many universities and print farms searching for an integrated alternative. One that users don’t have to download and that offers more than cloud file sharing. By partnering with Formlabs, 3DPrinterOS is able to offer the cloud-based 3D printer slicer software you’ve been waiting for. 

Not All Cloud Software Provide the Same Features

Whether you are speaking of the proprietary software that comes with your 3D printer or external cloud software, most offer limited functionality. While there are benefits to creating a local network and cloud file sharing, most universities and print farms require more. The combination of Formlabs and 3DPrinterOS provides you with the “more” you are searching for. 

We eliminate the need to download proprietary slicers that take up valuable memory and computing power. With our partnership, you and your users don’t have to download anything—it is true cloud slicing.

This empowers you to optimise your print farm by slicing within a secure and private cloud that allows:

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited printers
  • Unlimited print locations
  • Robust features and functions 

Your secure cloud also minimises the need for in-house hardware and servers. This reduces your energy consumption and both your energy and hardware budget by an average of 30 to 50 percent. 

Not All Slicer Software Provides the Same Benefits 

Just like not all clouds are the same, not all 3D printer slicer software is the same. This may make you hesitant to use non-proprietary software. However, our decentralised platform was designed to provide you with the freedom and flexibility of print neutrality, without compromising print quality. This eliminates the redundancies of switching from one software to the next. As long as your Formlabs firmware is up to date you can begin slicing in seconds. A true end-to-end solution. 

Don’t just take our word for it, as we are the streamlined solution for universities and print farms in over 130 countries. Our users have used our software to slice over 2 million parts totaling a millennium in hours of print time.  

Supported systems include:

  • Form 2
  • Form 3+
  • Form 3L
  • Form 3B
  • Form 3BL
  • Fuse 1

CAD Software Is Still Required 

The initial 3D modelling process remains the same. Users design their model in their CAD software of choice. Once the model is complete, it is saved in .STL or an accepted file format. Once the model is complete, instead of uploading it to printer-specific software, it is uploaded to an integrated cloud slicer. 

This provides a variety of benefits including:

  • The ability to print within a true cloud and without the need to download software. 
  • Assigned user and group access and designated accessibility permissions. 
  • Remote accessibility to slice and print from anywhere with internet access. 
  • The ability to print to any printer in the print farm. That is unless the administrator has not granted the user permission to all printers. 
  • The ability to save each file version and print parameters and edit the parameters as needed. 
  • Alerting users if there isn’t enough material in the printer to complete the job. 
  • A streamlined process for setting up slicing and print parameters, that minimises print failures. 
  • And much more! 

Streamlined Cloud Slicing and Print Parameters 

Once the CAD model is complete, it must be uploaded to a slicer software. This converts the 3D model into layer-by-layer printable slices. Each “slice” is a horizontal 2D layer. However, designating the print parameters is far more complex than uploading a 3D model. A successful print requires the right printer, a viable 3D model, and detailed print parameters. 

Minor modifications to the model, such as adjusting size and scale, can be completed within our slicer software. With our end-to-end solution, users access a streamlined workflow that drastically minimises the likelihood of a failed print job. 

The primary objective is to set up values such as:

  • Selecting the correct printer
  • Selecting the print materials 
  • Time-efficient positioning on the build plate
  • Material-efficient positioning on the build plate
  • Designating wall thickness
  • Designating infill and intersections
  • Where to place supports 

This multi-step setup is the difference between a refined and functional print and a subpar or failed print. 

Ready to Optimise Your Additive Manufacturing Process?

If you would like to learn more about optimising print setup, print materials, and print times—we are here to help. Our 3D printer slicer software combined with a secure cloud is the end-to-end solution required to transform your additive manufacturing process. Reach out to 3DPrinterOS today to learn more!


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