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About Koenigsegg

The name conjures up images of unbridled innovation and engineering prowess, an unwavering quest for perfection that transcends the realm of mere automobiles. These Swedish-born marvels embody a fusion of artistry and precision, as they effortlessly dominate the supercar landscape with their revolutionary designs and breathtaking performance. From the pristine shores of Ängelholm, Sweden, Koenigsegg has risen to become the epitome of automotive excellence, a driving force for progress that continues to redefine the limits of speed, luxury, and ecological responsibility. This is the captivating story of a company that dares to defy convention, shattering records and expectations in its quest to etch its name in the annals of automotive history.

How Koenigsegg is pushing the boundaries of performance ?

Founded in 1994, Koenigsegg Automotive AB has been pushing the boundaries of performance, design, and engineering to create some of the fastest and most exclusive hypercars on the planet. At the core of Koenigsegg's pursuit of excellence lies a dedication to exploring new ways to optimize their production process and stay ahead of the competition. One such approach is embracing the power of 3D printing technology in the automotive industry.

The use of 3D printing has revolutionized the way components and prototypes are developed, tested, and produced, allowing manufacturers like Koenigsegg to bring their designs to life with unprecedented speed and precision. In this case study, we will take a closer look at how Koenigsegg has integrated 3DPrinterOS into their workflow, the key benefits and features it brings to their production process, and the real-world applications that showcase the company's commitment to pushing the envelope in hypercar manufacturing. So buckle up and join us as we delve into the fast-paced world of Koenigsegg and their innovative approach to 3D printing.

3DPrinterOS Integration and Workflow Optimization

In the quest for automotive perfection, Koenigsegg fully embraces the significance of adopting cutting-edge technology and leveraging the advantages of 3D printing. As a result, the company has adopted 3DPrinterOS – a comprehensive, cloud-based platform that streamlines the entire 3D printing process, making it more efficient and accessible.

To ensure a seamless integration of 3DPrinterOS into their workflow, Koenigsegg’s CNC and 3D printing team works closely with the team from 3DPrinterOS. This close collaboration has enabled Koenigsegg to tailor the platform to their specific needs, resulting in an optimized and user-friendly system for managing their 3D printers.

At Koenigsegg, 3D printing is used for a variety of purposes. Some production-ready parts come right off the printer, and often the 3D printers are used for rapid prototyping and testing of components, and creating fixtures and templates. The ease of use provided by 3DPrinterOS empowers engineers to manage their own print jobs more effectively, and focus on innovation and design. This efficient workflow not only accelerates Koenigsegg's development process but also helps them empower their engineers and designers – more on that in a minute!


Tim Bäck

Team Leader for CNC and 3D Printing Prototyping
at Koenigsegg Automotive

Tim Bäck is the team leader for CNC and 3D Printing Prototyping at Koenigsegg Automotive. He started his journey at Koenigsegg around eight and a half years ago, making carbon fiber bodywork for the Agera RS, and has been part of their growth from a team of 60 to 600.

Kristian Ljungkvist

Composite Additive Manufacturing Operator
at Koenigsegg Automotive

Since joining the Koenigsegg team 5 years ago, Kristian Ljungkvist first worked on the harness, then electromechanical automotive systems: everything from modifying firmware, to programming, to fault searching. When an opportunity came up to work on the 3D printing side, Kristian seized the opportunity, as he had always found the mechanics and kinematics of 3D printing fascinating.

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Pushing the Boundaries with 3D Printing

3D printing technology plays an essential role in Koenigsegg's operations, helping the company develop and produce parts more efficiently and cost-effectively. By integrating 3DPrinterOS into their workflow, the automaker has been able to manage its fleet of 3D printers more effectively, streamlining the production process and enabling employees to focus on the task at hand. 

By outsourcing some of their more specialized printing tasks, such as those that require SLS technology, Koenigsegg can balance their in-house capabilities with the need to maintain a lean operation.

As the company evolved and embraced new technologies, Tim and Kristian have been at the forefront of Koenigsegg's 3D printing operations. New engineers don’t always understand the nuances of designing for additive manufacturing, so Tim and Kristian get multiple requests daily for design help. 3DPrinterOS helps spread the workload, and engineers are able to learn best practices themselves as they upload and slice their own designs.

Embracing a Culture of Innovation, Perseverance and Excellence

Koenigsegg's success can be attributed to more than just its technological prowess; the company's culture plays a crucial role in fostering an environment where innovation and performance can thrive. Employees at Koenigsegg are encouraged to adopt a "not good enough" mindset, consistently striving to do more than their best and push the limits of what can be achieved.

This mindset, combined with a strong emphasis on teamwork and collaboration, helps Koenigsegg's employees tackle the challenges that come with building some of the world's most advanced hypercars. The company's relatively small size and flat organizational structure allow for a high degree of agility, enabling the team to adapt and respond quickly to new ideas and opportunities.

At Koenigsegg, employees are encouraged to take risks, push boundaries, and learn from both their successes and failures. This culture of experimentation and learning from experience fuels their drive to create the most advanced, high-performance vehicles on the market. With their commitment to innovation, collaboration, and the pursuit of excellence, Koenigsegg not only holds several world records, but is well-equipped to continue setting new standards in the hypercar industry for years to come.

Ultimately, it's the combination of cutting-edge technology, a strong company culture, and a relentless pursuit of excellence that sets Koenigsegg apart in the hypercar industry. By leveraging the power of 3D printing and their partnership with 3D Printer OS, the company is well-positioned to continue breaking records and redefining the boundaries of automotive performance for years to come.

Even their facilities are a testament to the company's innovative spirit and dedication to pushing the boundaries of hypercar manufacturing. Nestled within a decommissioned military base in Ängelholm, Sweden, Koenigsegg has repurposed an expansive hangar and a long runway to create an unparalleled production environment. The spacious hangar, once home to the Swedish Air Force's 'Ghost Squadron,' now serves as a cutting-edge workspace for Koenigsegg's engineers, designers, and technicians. The surrounding runway, where fighter jets once roared to life, is now used for testing the company's high-performance vehicles.

Conclusion: The Koenigsegg Way - Blazing the Trail for the Future of Hypercars

Koenigsegg's unwavering commitment to innovation, performance, and customer satisfaction has positioned the company as a trailblazer in the hypercar industry. With a culture that encourages creativity, collaboration, and dedication to excellence, Koenigsegg's team remains focused on pushing the boundaries of automotive technology and design.

Tim Bäck put it succinctly: “Doing your best is not usually good enough. You need to do what it takes.”

Using cutting-edge tools like 3DPrinterOS and fostering an environment that values open communication with partners and customers, Koenigsegg continues to create groundbreaking vehicles that set new standards in speed, efficiency, and luxury. The company's approach to building strong relationships with its clients ensures that they not only create some of the most remarkable vehicles on the planet but also cultivate a passionate and loyal customer base.

As Koenigsegg continues to expand its operations and explore new technological frontiers, one thing remains certain: this Swedish megacar manufacturer will continue to drive innovation and redefine what is possible in the automotive world, paving the way for the future of high-performance vehicles.

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