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Visualize, repair, and slice models for 3D printing and allocate access for educators, students, and printers from a single browser-based software.
Duke University and 3DprinterOS

3DPrinterOS is powering the 3DPrinting in MIT's  Classes and create impact in the educational process

3DPrinterOS, a 3D Printing management software is used by top universities like MIT, Harvard, Yale, Duke, and Rice .3DPrinterOS can work well for all universities and is easy to deploy on all types of servers and cloud configurations (Amazon Cloud, Microsoft Cloud, Google Cloud, and Encrypted On-Premise Servers) within a few hours.
3d printing in education industry

Micro technology for massive impact

3D printing is taught in schools and colleges to inspire young minds and enhance creative thinking. From printing a simple 3D printed planet model or working on the automotive engine, these real-time 3D models help teachers to explain difficult concepts easily. 3D printed models can bring any topic into reality and help educators to engage with students for a longer time and improve critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities.

3DPrinterOS and MIT University: 3DPrinting Management Software

3D printing offers students the ability to experience their projects from the model stage to the actual creation of the model. This develops a sense of excitement and a better understanding of the design process as they gain hands-on experience of developing new ideas from conception to creation.

Curriculum Friendly & STEM Learning

3D printing elevates students from conventional classrooms where students are easily bored. This makes them more active and engaged in various participants through conception, design, and execution of their projects by interacting with the teacher or 3D design mentor.
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