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Choosing the right 3D printing workflow software for a school or a university depends on the a lot of things.
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Yale University
& 3DPrinterOS

Visualize, repair, and slice models for 3D printing and allocate access for educators, students, and printers from a single browser-based software.
Duke University and 3DprinterOS

3DPrinterOS is powering 3D Printing
at Yale's Architecture Classes to
accelerate the educational process

3DPrinterOS, a 3D Printing management software, is used by top universities like MIT, Harvard, Yale, Duke, and many other ones across the world. 3DPrinterOS can work well for all educational institutions and is easy to deploy.
3d printing in education industry

Easy to use and access 3D printers

With its “One Click” format, any student, even in the middle of the night, can click a button to have the part ready in the morning. 3DPrinterOS has invested in a team of usability experts dedicated to finding ways to continually improve the experience for the users.

3DPrinterOS and Yale University:
3D Printing Management Software

A smart system for automatically choosing the right slicer for your 3D printer. The system will know which slicer is needed, based on a user’s current 3D printers and the last used application (Magic Fix or STL Editor). This feature decreases page loading times by more than three times.
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What to Expect From Our 3D Printer Fleet Software

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