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Our outstanding platform gives you everything you need to increase the productivity of your 3D printer farm and scale your business.

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Get Organized with our 3D Printer Fleet Software

Save all your files to one location and access them from anywhere. Check your print history, view all the slices you've made, reprint and assign files to queues.

Use the STL Editor to Help you Prepare your 3D Models for 3D Printing

When you've finished your 3D design or downloaded it from somewhere, then you will need to make it 3D printable.

The potential operations include small edits such as using our Optimal Rotate function or analyzing the part if it's touching the build plate correctly.
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3DPrinterOS simplifies build preparation and data collection with one easy-to-use solution


From start to finish

Whether you’re importing files, slicing models, or any step in between, 3DPrinterOS provides you the necessary tools.


Advanced control software

Gain impressive precision throughout your workflow by defining parameters that best suit your parts.


Technology neutral

Automate processes with specialized modules that reduce preparation time and boost your production rate.

How to Prepare Your Model for 3D Printing 

Import CAD files

Import .3ds, 3mf, .amf or .obj formats and convert them to STL with our tools instantly.
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Analyze your 3D model

Ensure that your 3D print will be successful by checking if the 3D model requires supports, infill or if the part has any holes or intersections in the mesh.
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Send designs to your 3D printers seamlessly

Create default slicing profiles and customize the workflow to submit your 3D models to the printers remotely in a matter of seconds.
3d printing for students

Make smarter decisions with our 3D printer fleet software

3DPrinterOS’s Model preparation software empowers you to make better decisions to grow your 3D printing operation.
Easy-to-understand metrics give you the tools you need to justify the expansion of your 3D printer fleet.

3d printing & design

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Cloud Slicer

Slice 3D models for 150+ 3D printers

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3D Printer Software

Monitor your 3D printers with ease

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Multi-Users Management

Monitor your users with one click

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3D Printer Management

Share files and 3D printers to users

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Remote Printing

Monitor your 3D prints

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3D Model Preparation

Submit files to your 3D printer fleet

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Live Monitoring

Monitor your 3D prints

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''3DPrinterOS also allows me to track usage and tie it to individual users. This provides oversight: students learn to that even when they’re printing for fun there’s a real dollar value attached to it, and it helps become creative with a purpose.''

Brian Slocum
Managing Director
The Wilbur Powerhouse
Lehigh University
Duke University and 3DprinterOS

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