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Efficient 3D Print Queue Management to Improve Your Workflow

A streamlined 3D print queue management software transforms your 3D printing process, letting users effortlessly send 3D print jobs to compatible printers and allowing more automated workflow and notifications.

Average Time to Queue a 3D Print Job
362 sec
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Click and Go: Simplified 3D Printing

Forget about manually initiating each print job. With our 3D print queue management software, it takes just one click to start the next job on all available printers. It's as easy as click-and-go.

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Mastering 3D Print Queue Management

Take control of your 3D print process with our advanced 3D print queue management system. It notifies you when a new job gets added to the queue. You can streamline the workflow and eliminate using SD cards, filling out Excel Sheets, and notifying users via email when their 3D print is done - it’s all automatic!

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From a mobile cart in 2014, the Maker Hub grew into its own space in 2015, with sewing machines, an embroidery machine, and a total of four 3D printers. It now spans two locations, and features power saws, hand tools, a drill press and a CNC router, laser cutters, and 12 Ultimaker 3D printers. Students across all disciplines take advantage of the Maker Hub, which is free and open to all students and staff.

Dan Reis
Senior Instructional Technologist

What to Expect From Our 3D Printer Fleet Software

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