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3DPrinterOS – Direct Print API

We often hear stories of new 3D printers that can print with a “single click” or printers that “just print”. We asked the question, what if you could make all printers “just print”?

The 3DPrinterOS development team took on this challenge and did not disappoint. We are incredibly excited to present to the world, the Direct Stream API that makes it possible to print any 3D model from anywhere on the web directly to your 3D printer. 

This is game-changing for marketplaces or any other platform which has 3D models as now users can now directly print the files without any need for downloading, repairing, slicing and printing through various softwares. This API works with all of the growing list of printers we currently support and is available now via request.

If you are interested in learning more about the Direct Print API click here and let us know!


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