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Why Data Tracking and Analytics Matter

Discover the importance of Data Tracking and Analytics. Explore why they matter and how they can transform your business or project
Why Data Tracking and Analytics Matter

Aaron Roy from our team was recently on the WTFFF 3D Printing Podcast to discuss how important data tracking and analytics are in 3d printing software.

Via Hazz Design:"Everyone said we had to see and talk to 3DPrinterOS for ourselves and they were right! The 3D print operations are absolutely critical to smooth running for any business, school or makerspace, but it doesn’t have to be complex and confusing. Aaron Roy discusses with us their mission for making the 3D print operations and workflow streamlined so that deployment can be the same no matter what printer you add. Imagine that… a system you easily learn once and allows you to grow and expand with the technology instead of having to overhaul the system every time you make a change or addition.The data tracking and details of the 3DPrinterOS system although fairly intuitive to learn, have rich depth. So, we decided to add a visual to the podcast mix. Be sure to see the video on either YouTube or embedded below for a quick guided tour of the functions and features including the management of 3D printer farms and multiple users. Don’t let the overly techie topic scare you away, these 3D print operations are critical to clarifying exactly how you might deploy and manage 3D printers in your organization."
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