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What are the advantages of 3D Printing in the automotive industry ?

Unlock the benefits of 3D Printing in the automotive industry. Explore advantages that drive innovation and efficiency
What are the advantages of 3D Printing in the automotive industry ?

What are the advantages of 3D Printing in the automotive industry ?

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For the past decades, 3D printing in the automotive industry was primarily used by carmakers to make automotive prototypes to check their form and fit.  What are the other applications of the 3D printing technologies that could benefit the industry?

Electric cars and self-driving cars have already evolved into a part of our lives, as well as cloud-to-car mapping systems and driver behavior monitoring systems which are valued by drivers and insurance companies alike. The dynamic economic environment and more and more challenging consumers are making automakers look for new opportunities and materials to catch up with other industries.

In what areas 3D printing is especially good

Moving from traditional production processes to 3D printing technologies has revolutionized businesses in various industries in improving the technical and business aspects of parts and products but there are two major areas where AM will have the greatest influence on the automotive sector. 

Product innovation

Additive Manufacturing can produce components with fewer design restrictions that are tough to produce using traditional manufacturing methods. This design flexibility paves a way for innovation by making it possible to add improved functionalities such as integrated electrical wiring, lower weight, and complicated geometries that are not possible through traditional processes. Likewise, new AM technologies are increasingly able to produce multi-material printed parts with individual properties such as electrical conductivity and variable strength.

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Start implementing 3D printing in the automotive industry

Advantages of 3D printing in the automotive industry

While both customers and manufacturers start to dream of a fully 3D printed car; this is being made possible by the ongoing improvement of 3D printing materials and technologies. Leading to a real boom of interest in inventions around the automotive industry. We still have to wait for a little before seeing the fully 3D printed car on our streets, but additive manufacturing is already well-used in the industry for several applications. Manufacturers are seeing all the advantages of this technology for their business strategy, from product development to production. Shorten your proof of concept and production time, and save money on your tooling process. We will see that some applications of additive manufacturing are game-changing and could be a real competitive advantage. 

3d printer control software for automotive

A 3D modeling software is the first step you have to take while starting a 3D printing project. You first have to choose the perfect automotive software to begin the design process. There are several software you can currently use for your automotive projects like 3DPrinterOS, the 3D printer software for automotive applications. The best solution is to use 3D software made for mechanical and engineering uses, able to create industrial and technical equipment. . Using 3DPrinterOS allows for faster iterations. These apps are offering simulation and visualization features and could help you with realistic rendering that might help you with presentations. This is an easy method to work on the design of cars or car parts. 

3D printing for the assembly line

The most useful current application for 3D printing in car manufacturing isn’t the most obvious one, and it doesn’t actually involve 3D printed parts being incorporated into the cars that you buy.

Instead, it’s far more prosaic than that. Manufacturers – among them Ford and BMW – are using 3D-printed jigs and tools to help their line workers assemble vehicles faster, more efficiently, and with less risk of injury.

The technology is especially useful for low-run special-edition models that may need unique tools to help install bespoke parts, and with 3D printing being ideally suited to making one-off parts at a significantly lower cost than traditional methods including injection molding or milling, it helps carmakers keep spending in check.

How to get started with 3DPrinterOS for Automotive

Agile, scalable 3D printing software presents manufacturers with one of the biggest opportunities available today.

Let us help you reach the productivity gains you need to drive your organization to new levels of competitive success – managing additive manufacturing through a single platform.

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