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The Best Practices on How to Run a 3D Printing Lab at an Educational Institution

Unlock the secrets to successfully managing a 3D printing lab in educational settings with this comprehensive guide on best practices, from setup to fostering innovation
The Best Practices on How to Run a  3D Printing Lab at an Educational Institution

Join us to learn how they are paving the way in #3dprinting and their outlook on how to run 3D Printing labs efficiently.

Sept 23rd, 12PM EDT

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Come and learn more about Harvard and Montclair University's experiences on how to manage 3D printing at their Institution.

Chris Hansen is the Digital Fabrication Technical Specialist at Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Christopher Hansen will also be presenting his newest findings on his latest research paper: Comparative Analysis - 3D Printers vs Laser Cutters. He will be examining the financial costs and usage patterns of 3d printing and laser cutting equipment at Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD)over six academic years to help serve as a guide to other makerspaces in their allocation of resources and decision making.

He has an interest in fabrication and making things, in both the physical and digital worlds. His background is in design and architecture. His early experience in creating things was in silversmithing. Since then, He's expanded his skillset to operate and manage physical tools and resources with over a decade of experience in academic shops. Enabling users, faculty, students, researchers the ability to create physical objects of their research and explorations. He believes that the future of education and commercial industry is a merging of both the physical and digital worlds to create extended reality methods of representation and interaction.

Jason M. Frasca is the Entrepreneurship Instructor and Startup Mentor at Montclair State University.

Jason has dedicated his career to designing radically innovative technology solutions and processes for his companies, employers and clients. By deconstructing complex problems Jason provides a systems design approach to the execution of optimized business performance. This optimization mindset has yielded massive results with limited resources. He is an entrepreneurial business executive, marketing, and sales professional with 20+ years of experience managing Fortune 500 and nationally recognized clients in direct marketing, non-profit, entrepreneurs, startups, private investigations, insurance, and international law firms.

Rene-Oscar Ariko is the VP of Global Sales at 3DPrinterOS (3D Control Systems)

Oscar has helped to deploy thousands of printers for tens of thousands of students at leading universities such as UC Berkeley, Duke, MIT, Columbia, Yale University and many other ones. He's been with the company for more than 7 years and pioneered how to establish 3DPrinterOS as the leading 3D printing management SaaS platform.

Join us to learn how they are paving the way in #3dprinting and their outlook on how to run 3D Printing labs efficiently.

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