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Sketchfab and 3DPrinterOS partner to bring 300,000+ models to users

Sketchfab and 3DPrinterOS join forces to offer users access to over 300,000+ models, enhancing creativity and expanding possibilities in the 3D printing landscape
Sketchfab and 3DPrinterOS partner to bring 300,000+ models to users

3DPrinterOS and Sketchfab have partnered to add multiple new features into 3DPrinterOS. 3DPrinterOS users now have access to an entire search engine powered by Sketchfab’s rapidly growing 3D content database. Additionally, using the Sketchfab to Facebook application in 3DPrinterOS, users can now share 3D models directly from 3DPrinterOS to Facebook.

As a primary tool in schools and universities, adding the Sketchfab search engine into 3DPrinterOS opens up a constantly growing library of content for teachers and students alike. With already over 34,000 files in 3DPrinterOS, users can now share files and projects with ease to Facebook. Everyone can then browse shared content in 3D without ever leaving their Facebook feed.[caption id="attachment_1307" align="aligncenter" width="547"]

Sharing 3D Models

3DPrinterOS users can now share files directly to Facebook[/caption]"We had the chance to try 3DPrinterOS at the NYC 3D Print Show and we were amazed by the quality of their solution and their fast growth. They are building the first 3D printing operating system and we’re excited that they have chosen Sketchfab to bring a social dimension to their platform, “ said Corentin Metgy, Head of Business Development at Sketchfab.Sketchfab is the leading platform to publish and find the best 3D content, anywhere online. They just recently closed a 7 million Series A led by FirstMark Capital. Sketchfab integrates with all major 3D creation tools and publishing platforms, and is natively supported in Photoshop, Facebook and Microsoft HoloLens, amongst others.[caption id="attachment_1308" align="aligncenter" width="800"]

Searching 3D Models

You can now use Sketchfab to search in 3DPrinterOS[/caption]“The ability for users to access and share 3D printable content is essential for widespread adoption of 3D printing. Adding Sketchfab’s leading content database and viewing engine into 3DPrinterOS makes it easier for someone of any skill level to turn an idea into a physical object and share it with the world,” said John Dogru, CEO of 3DPrinterOS.More news on this partnership can be found on, and

To test out the new features click here!

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