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Robo 3D adopts 3DPrinterOS to expand 3D printing software for schools and educators.

Robo 3D integrates 3DPrinterOS, enhancing 3D printing software for schools and educators, fostering a new era of learning and innovation in educational environments
Robo 3D adopts 3DPrinterOS to expand 3D printing software for schools and educators.

Robo 3D recently acquired the 3DPrinterOS app, MystemKits, the world’s largest online library of STEM curriculum that includes 3D printable models for K-12 schools.

San Francisco - January 17, 2019 - Robo 3D announces the integration of 3DPrinterOS across all their models of 3D printers. With Robo 3D’s recent acquisition of MyStemKits, this move instantly expands access of educational 3D printable models and curriculum of MyStemKits across 75+ desktop 3D printers.This platform switch to 3DPrinterOS, standardizes and makes it easier for 3d printing educators to use MyStemKits, the world’s largest online library of STEM curriculum, across exponentially more types of 3d printers.“3DPrinterOS is the closest thing to an interoperability standard for 3d printing which makes it easy for our business to expand to all educational institutions, printer manufacturers, and continue to build innovative applications,” said Braydon Moreno, co-founder of Robo 3D.The MyStemKits platform, built on 3DPrinterOS, offers one-click 3D printable models made specifically for K-12 schools. With the MyStemKits curriculum meeting Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Common Core State Standards (CCS), it's easy for teachers to use 3D printing in the classroom and make models (already available on the MyStemKits platform) to use as visual learning aids for their students.“What we have seen is that with 3D printing and MyStemKits, student engagement increases because you are teaching students math, science, and STEM subjects in a unique and exciting way, said Moreno. “This natural introduction to the technology inspires students to want to design in 3D and create 3D printed things on their own,” he added.The MyStemKits library of STEM models is instantly available for printing educators whether they own Robo3D, Ultimaker, Dremel or any of the majority of other desktop 3d printers by being built on top of 3DPrinterOS cloud streaming software. The adoption of 3DPrinterOS across both legacy and future Robo 3D printers, also gives Robo3D owners access to the cloud 3d printer management, data analytics, filament tracking, and SSO compatibility that’s part of the 3DPrinterOS educational license."It’s exciting to see applications built on 3DPrinterOS, be successful, get acquired, and expand globally,” said 3DPrinterOS CEO John Dogru. “Solving interoperability for the 3d printing community is in our company DNA, and we are looking forward to reaching more educators with the Robo 3D Partnership,” he added.Educators interested in bringing MyStemKits into their classroom can sign up for a two-week trial here.

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