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We are excited to announce support for the Raspberry Pi 3!

We're thrilled to announce our support for the Raspberry Pi 3! Explore new possibilities and enhance your projects with our latest offering.
We are excited to announce support for the Raspberry Pi 3!

To support the Pi 3, we reworked our entire 3DPrinterOS cloud client image. The new image is based on Raspbian Jessie Lite and comes with 3DPrinterOS cloud client v5.9.10 installed. This image is backwards compatible and has been tested across the whole product line of Raspberry Pi’s (I.E.1B, 1B+, 2B, 3B). You can see the CPU load test results by clicking here.

Raspberry Pi 3 Support - Cloud 3D printing

Our CTO, Anton Vedeshin, has personally tested it for 50+ prints so far. The biggest one was FormTap3D wine aerator - it took 8.5h with strong settings.

What’s new with this Raspberry Pi Image?

  • We removed the buggy WiFi Access Point mode and configuration UI.
  • Being that Raspberry Pi has an amazing guide how to setup WiFi our image will now work great for the Pi 1B, 1B+, 2B, and 3B.
  • Total image size to download is now under 500Mb.
  • The raw image size was decreased from 3.5GB to 1.4GB. We achieved this by removing many unneeded packages, including apache previously used for ports redirection and WiFi UI. The new image is much faster now!
  • Linux distribution is updated to the latest Raspbian Jessie Lite with some additional cleaning to increase the speed.
  • Now there is an automatic expansion of the image to use all available space on the SD card.
  • We changed 3DPrinterOS services control to native systemd scripts (systemctl start/stop style) for advanced users.
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