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New Branding for 3D Control Systems

We are rebranding our company and we are very happy and proud to share this note with you.
New Branding for 3D Control Systems

With a New Brand, 3D Control Systems is Ready for a Unified Future in Advanced Manufacturing

Making things together. It’s what humankind has done best since the very beginning. At 3D Control Systems, it’s what we’re more excited about than ever. That’s why we’re announcing our new brand and logo, unifying 3DPrinterOS,Secured 3D,and ZAP under the 3D Control Systems structure.

The way we make things together is changing. Today, manufacturing is enabled by next-generation technologies and controlled by connection and automation. The power to control, analyze and improve manufacturing processes is in our hands more than ever before. With our portfolio of brands focused on automated workflows for additive manufacturing, advanced CNC and industry 4.0, 3D Control Systems aspires to make manufacturing accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time.  The simple vision of making it easy for our customers to innovate and manufacture parts.

When the time came to create our new brand and logo, we wanted most of all to connect the history of humankind’s excellence and ingenuity with the exciting things we can do today. Our new logo brings together the wheel, humankind’s fundamental invention, with the gear, calling back to the power of industry to build things that work. Lastly, our logo is built around the 3-dimensional cube, which signifies our commitment to engineering excellence in today’s world of advanced manufacturing, including industrial additive manufacturing, robotics, and CNC. You’ll get a first look at our new brand at RAPID + TCT (Sept. 13-15) at McCormick Place, Chicago, IL. The transition to our new branding across our portfolio will be a gradual process.

“We aim to partner, push and lead the world of 3D printing with our technologies, concepts, and tools.”, while talking about the brand’s vision. “Connect. Integrate. Automate. These our are guiding principles and we remain committed to that path to transform benefit the future generations of 3DP users.” 

We believe that making things together is humankind’s greatest challenge and purpose. Our new brand connects the power of today’s advanced manufacturing with humankind’s history of innovation and engineering. We’re excited to meet your digital workflow needs and get to work making things together with you.

About 3D Control Systems

3D Control Systems is the parent start’s up company of 3DPrinterOS, which revolutionized the desktop 3D printing industry with their Operating System platform introducing “one click” manufacturing.  3D Control Systems has now launched ZAP, an automated, workflow platform purpose-built for advanced manufacturing, helping customers drive efficiencies and simplification.  

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