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Mastering 3D Printing: A User's Guide to Managing Prints and Projects with 3DPrinterOS

Unlock the full potential of your 3D printing projects with 3DPrinterOS. Explore our comprehensive guide to managing 3D print files, navigating through the 3D printer program, and maximizing efficiency with top-notch 3D printing software. Discover the easy way to handle file uploads, share projects, and streamline your 3D printing process today!
Mastering 3D Printing: A User's Guide to Managing Prints and Projects with 3DPrinterOS

Managing Your 3D Print Files and Projects with 3DPrinterOS: A Comprehensive Guide

Whether you are a hobbyist, a professional, or somewhere in between, managing your 3D print files and projects efficiently is crucial for a smooth printing experience. In this blog post, we will dive deep into how 3DPrinterOS, a robust 3D printing software, can be your go-to solution for handling everything from file storage to print job preparation.

Getting Started with Files:

The journey within 3DPrinterOS begins at the Files page, a central hub where you can access, manage, and prepare your 3D print files for the printing process. Upon creating your new account, you will find default files provided by 3DPrinterOS, ready for you to explore and use.

Understanding File Structure

Each file in 3DPrinterOS is accompanied by crucial information neatly organized in columns, including File Preview, File Name, and File Type. Hovering over the File Type tag reveals more details about the file, aiding you in making informed decisions for your printing process.

STL Files: Discover maximum dimensions and model volume.

Gcode Files: Gain insights into printer type, layer height, and estimated print time, among other details.

Additionally, an "!" icon may appear, indicating any issues with file processing. But don't worry, as this does not necessarily impact your print quality.

File Management and Upload

Uploading new files to 3DPrinterOS is a breeze with the drag-and-drop functionality or by using the "Add files" button. Once uploaded, your files will be readily accessible on the Files page. For Gcode files, remember to select your printer before proceeding further.

Sharing and Collaboration

Enhance collaboration by sharing your 3D print files with other 3DPrinterOS users. Shared files remain secure as they cannot be downloaded, and you have control over the number of prints a user can make from the shared file.

Downloading and Editing

You have the ability to download and rename your files, ensuring that your 3D print files are organized just the way you like.

Bulk Actions

Handling multiple files at once is made simple with 3DPrinterOS. Select the files you need and choose from a variety of actions including Print, Move to Project, or Delete.

Diving into Projects

Projects in 3DPrinterOS serve as a version history for your files, ensuring that every change and modification is tracked and saved. Creating and uploading files into projects is straightforward, and sharing projects with collaborators is just a few clicks away.


3DPrinterOS stands out as a comprehensive 3D printer program, providing users with an array of tools and features to manage their 3D print files and projects seamlessly. From file management to project collaboration, 3DPrinterOS ensures that you have everything you need at your fingertips for a successful 3D printing experience. Embrace the power of organized printing with 3DPrinterOS, and take your 3D printing projects to new heights.

Rene-Oscar Ariko
VP of Global Sales

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