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How to Optimize 3D Queue Management and User Management for Efficient 3D Printing Workflow?

Explore the essentials of optimizing 3D Queue Management and User Management to ensure a seamless and efficient 3D printing workflow. Discover how advanced management features can help in monitoring multiple users and 3D printers, enhancing control and access, and streamlining the overall 3D printing process within your organization.
How to Optimize 3D Queue Management and User Management for Efficient 3D Printing Workflow?

Efficient User Management in 3DPrinterOS: A Guide to Secure and Controlled 3D Printing

3DPrinterOS is a prominent platform known for its extensive features allowing organizations to utilize 3D printers as shared resources. The essence of implementing user management in 3DPrinterOS is to ensure different members have suitable permissions, aligning with organizational needs and individual roles.

Organization-Wide Permissions and Individual Quotas

To promote efficient 3D Queue Management, organizations in 3DPrinterOS can enforce organization-wide permissions. Within this, administrators can assign a default quota, representing the number of prints each user can execute per month. This quota is applied automatically to all newly added members, fostering straightforward user management and role management procedures.

Individual User Adjustments and Balance Management

Beyond applying default quotas, 3DPrinterOS provides the flexibility to modify quotas for each user individually, allowing a seamless balance between user needs and organizational resources. 

Restrictions can also be applied across the Organization to limit printing hours to a certain amount per day, week, or month. Furthermore, users have a balance feature to manage charges for 3D prints within 3DPrinterOS, with the possibility to integrate with third-party payment providers, enhancing the overall user management experience.

Integration and Role-based Access

The platform is integrated with PaperCut and CBORD, broadening the possibilities for managing transactions related to 3D printing tasks. By understanding the types of users—Regular Users, Advanced Users, Workgroup Moderators, or Organization Admins—it becomes significantly easier to monitor multiple users and 3D printers, assign roles efficiently, and manage access and control securely over the 3D printer fleet.

User Workgroups and Account Creation

Organization Admins, through the Organizational Admin Panel, have the exclusive authority to manage user workgroups, create user accounts, or add existing 3DPrinterOS users to their organizations. This feature is pivotal in maintaining the orderliness of 3D printing tasks and ensures a structured workflow within the organization.


3DPrinterOS stands as a robust platform offering comprehensive user management features, allowing organizations to monitor multiple users and 3D printers effectively. The advanced 3D Queue Management and role management capabilities ensure that organizations can maintain secure access and control, enabling them to leverage 3D printing resources efficiently and securely.

Rene-Oscar Ariko
VP of Global Sales

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