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How to control your 3D Printer Fleet? - 3D Printing Software

Streamline the management of your 3D printer fleet with the right tools. Learn how to efficiently run your 3D print farm using the latest 3D printing software and maximize your 3D printing productivity.
How to control your 3D Printer Fleet? - 3D Printing Software

Using a Canvas platform quiz to control your 3D Printer Fleet with 3DPrinterOS?

3D printing is transforming how universities operate, and by integrating with 3DPrinterOS, the Canvas platform is at the forefront of this revolution.

By using a quiz to control access to 3DPrinterOS, universities can ensure that only authorized users are able to utilize this powerful technology. This not only protects against potential misuse but also allows universities to keep track of who is using the printers and for what purpose.

What is the Canvas platform, and how does it work with 3DPrinterOS

Many universities are already familiar with Canvas and use the platform for managing their student/teacher communication.

Canvas is an online course management system that enables instructors, students, and institutions to manage their digital learning activities while providing them with access to a wide range of digital education tools. 

One of the features that teachers often already use across all courses is creating a quiz on Canvas. By integrating Canvas with 3DprinterOS, teachers can limit students’ access to 3DPrinterOS, meaning users are required to pass a Canvas quiz.

This quiz assesses users based on their knowledge and understanding of the 3D printing environment. 

Upon successfully completing the Canvas quiz, users can then make use of 3DPrinterOS for a variety of functions, such as managing and monitoring 3D prints and streamlining communication between collaborators.

Canvas incorporates all these features into its course management system to ensure smooth interactions with 3DPrinterOS.

How to create a quiz on the Canvas platform: Streamline your 3D printing program

Creating a quiz on Canvas is a great way to assess student knowledge and measure their understanding of the course material. Canvas allows instructors to add multiple-choice, true/false, and other question types, as well as create unique user experiences by limiting quiz availability or allowing multiple attempts.

Additionally, the Quiz Activity Summary lets instructors view average scores at a glance and pinpoint which questions were most challenging. Setting up a quiz on Canvas only takes a few steps and allows us to differentiate between multiple levels of experience.

How to use the Canvas quiz to control access to 3DPrinterOS

A Canvas quiz is an excellent tool for managing access to 3D printing. By setting up the quiz, users can access the software only if they answer all the questions correctly. This ensures that the user has a basic understanding of how to use 3DPrinterOS (and 3D printing) before being allowed to use it. 

The benefit of using the Canvas platform quiz to control access to 3DPrinterOS

  1. New 3D printer users: allow limited access. Students may only upload files, and admin staff will complete the print job without further input from the student.
  2. Users with some experience: allow direct 3D print access.
    Students may upload and slice files, choose a 3D printer, and complete their 3D print project.
  3. Experienced users: full access granted. Students may have access to more advanced slicing settings/profiles, more high-end materials, and more. Some universities allow these advanced users to print directly, while other students queue on a first-come first-served basis or send their files to the admin staff to 3D print.

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