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3DPrinterOS to scale its Factory of the Future 3D Printing Cloud Platform Globally utilizing Microsoft Azure

Discover how 3DPrinterOS enhances the factory of the future platform using Microsoft Azure.
3DPrinterOS to scale its Factory of the Future 3D Printing Cloud Platform Globally utilizing Microsoft Azure

3DPrinterOS announces move to Microsoft Azure to globally expand their cloud operating platform for easily managing 1000’s of networked 3D printers, users, and designs in order to revolutionize the fragmented world of 3D printing software.

For enterprises and schools looking to manage the 3D printing process,3DPrinterOS provides a single, centralized workflow. This makes it incredibly easy for IT managers to give access to 3D printing directly through any web browser. The 3DPrinterOS cloud platform has unleashed decentralized manufacturing and has built over 62,000 parts in 100 different countries in just the past 8 months.

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“We are extremely excited to collaborate with Microsoft Azure to serve our Enterprise Clients with its highly secure, hyper-scale global cloud,” said 3DPrinterOS CEO John Dogru. “It was a challenge to find the right company that had the cloud infrastructure, compliance, security, and reliability around the world including countries like China and Europe.”

John Dogru, CEO Chief Architect, 3DPrinterOS.“The cloud is transforming entire industries and creating new opportunities for even the most innovative new businesses,” said Senior Director of Microsoft Azure, Nicole Herskowitz.“The market leading scale and speed of Microsoft Azure helps spur global growth opportunities for companies like 3DPrinterOS who are utilizing cloud computing and IoT connected devices in a completely new model of decentralized manufacturing.”

Nicole Herskowitz, senior director of product marketing, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Corp.The move to Azure gives 3DPrinterOS customers access to the benefits of local data residency and redundancy providing customers the assurance of a data failover. Database systems and other large data repositories can also have a backup and recovery site that meets the same criteria.Find out more and get a demo for your enterprise or school at: About 3DPrinterOS:3DPrinterOS is the largest and fastest growing virtual factory in the world, enabling real-time web to direct 3D printing. Their cloud infrastructure helps businesses and universities of all sizes securely access and manage their analytics, users, files and manufacturing machines from a single interface. Trusted by companies such as Ford and Cisco, and Universities such as Duke, Yale, Purdue, UTEP, CalTech, UMD and UC Davis; 3DPrinterOS has manufactured over 62,000 parts in 100+ countries in the past 8 months.

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