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3D Printing Scarred Prints: Avoid Scarred 3D Prints & Enhance Files

Unlock the secrets of flawless 3D printing! Learn how to prevent scarred prints and optimize your 3D printing files for perfect results every time
3D Printing Scarred Prints: Avoid Scarred 3D Prints & Enhance Files

3D Printing Scarred Prints: Conquering Scarred Prints and Optimizing Your Files

3D printing, a marvel of modern technology, allows us to transform digital designs into tangible objects. However, one common challenge in 3D printing is dealing with "scarred prints" - minor surface imperfections that occur during the printing process. These imperfections can mar the aesthetics of a print, but fear not - there are effective strategies to minimize them.

Understanding Scarred Prints

Scarred prints occur when the printhead moves across the print's surface without extruding material, known as "traveling". During this phase, if the printhead remains at the same height as the last layer printed, it risks scraping or scratching the surface, leaving behind unsightly marks.

Strategies to Eliminate Scarred Prints

1. Implementing Z-Hop in Your 3D Printing Software

Most 3D printing software offers a feature known as Z-hop. This function slightly elevates the printhead during travel movements, preventing it from touching the print's surface. Activating Z-hop can be a game-changer in reducing scarred prints. However, it's important to note that this feature may increase overall print times due to the additional movements of the Z-axis.

2. Adjusting Print Multipliers for Top Layers

The print multiplier setting in your 3D printing software controls the amount of material extruded during printing. If set inaccurately, excess material can bulge around the nozzle, creating a surface slightly higher than the rest of the layer. When the printhead travels over this protrusion, it can cause scratches. Fine-tuning the print multiplier ensures a smoother top layer, significantly reducing the risk of scarred prints.


By understanding the causes of scarred prints and implementing these simple adjustments in your 3D printing software, you can achieve cleaner, more professional-looking prints. Remember, 3D printing is as much an art as it is a science, and mastering these small details can make a significant difference in your 3D printing journey.

Rene-Oscar Ariko
VP of Global Sales

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