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3D Printing for Education : How 3DPrinterOS is Empowering 3D Printing in the Education Industry

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3D Printing for Education : How 3DPrinterOS is Empowering 3D Printing in the Education Industry


Learning is always easier with the right instruments. 3D printing empowers teachers, educators and students who want to bridge theory and reality by making objects that suit every situation! 

Implementing additive manufacturing in schools is becoming more common. 3D printing in education can help students by offering endless solutions to different problems.

For example, every architecture student wonders about creating mockups for their projects - why not 3D print it straight from your computer?

Or imagine how much more fun chemistry classes would have been if you actually could have touched the molecules?

Why and how is it relevant to use 3D printing at a school?

Also, when we are talking about schools, are we talking about small children or grown students? 

3d printing in elementary schools

The benefits of 3D printing in education

 A new dimension to the educational experience

A simple 3D printing workflow allows to bring complex ideas to life. That’s why using 3D printing in educational programs is a true asset.
Have you ever thought of including additive manufacturing in your lesson plans to make your school subjects easier to understand?
3D printing is the solution to give them life and let everyone physically manipulate complex ideas.
Additive manufacturing makes the learning process easier, from primary education to university.


More excitement and engagement for students

Thanks to 3D printing, young students are encouraged to think independently and organize their workflow.

Allowing students to use 3D printing is also letting them be in control of a project from the 3D modeling stage to the final 3D printing procedure.

It also allows them to be engaged and to learn problem-solving skills by themselves!

3D technologies are also rewarding students with quick and affordable results that motivate the students to work and grow.

3D printing requires you to have several skills, from the creative process to technical designing abilities.

Don’t miss the opportunity for your students to benefit from this educational technology.

Bringing the professional world to your students

Students can print mechanical parts, architectural mockups, prototypes and art.

Online 3D printing gives engineering and design students, for example - the chance to bring their project to life quickly and in the conditions that are simulating the professional world. 

3D printing for education is made easy with 3DPrinterOS’s all-in-one software

Manage the student's design files

Students can efficiently manage and transfer their files to other members of the group in the 3DPrinterOS Cloud.

Handle thousands of students in different groups

3DPrinterOS is an easy-to-onboard tool, so you can get your students onboarded fast.

You can even set permissions for various types of users and groups.

For example, educators can have a separate access level from the students.

Watch your 3D prints real-time

Lab managers can check the status of all your printers from a single location.

Students can monitor the progress of their print jobs that they submitted (if you gave them access to do that), in real-time.

Optimize your 3D printing workflow

With Workgroups, students can submit sliced files to the printers that they have access to.

Admins remain in control of what the students are allowed to do - either just Queueing to the 3D printer or also starting print jobs.

A premium end-to-end platform for managing files, machines and users across your business

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