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3D Printing around the office

3D Printing around the office

There is nothing more satisfying to a true 3D print enthusiast when they identify a problem that can be solved seamlessly with a 3D printer. We’ve had a broken chair at our Estonian office that needed fixing and Oscar from our team decided enough was enough and through the power of 3D Printing, we now have a useable chair again!

Here is a photo log of his process measuring to design to printing and repairing!


Taking measurements of a broken chair

3DPrinterOS - Repairing Files and parts

Designing a replacement stem with FreeCAD

Printing in PLA - 3D Printer OS

Printed design on the Dremel Idea Builder in PLA

Using 3D Printing to fix problems

Brand new 3D Printed stem inserted into the chair

3D Printer OS

The chair repaired and back in action!

3D Printing Repairs - 3D Printer OS

Using the same stem file to fix a broken desk in our office

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