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3D Control Systems launches ZAP

ZAP is a new additive manufacturing workflow software powered by AI, which is purpose-built MES + PLM + ERP + QA + CRM.
3D Control Systems launches ZAP

Saving advanced manufacturers’ millions in 3D printing inefficiencies and hidden costs.

ZAP is a new additive manufacturing workflow software powered by AI, which is purpose-built MES + PLM + ERP + QA + CRM.  It reduces cost, increases operational efficiency, and improves quality through centralization of 3D printer management, consolidation, integration of disparate systems, printer equipment, and software platforms.

  • Decentralized agnostic operating system
  • Guaranteed integration with existing and future software and hardware systems
  • Highest security levels for end-to-end encrypted 3D printing workflows in the industry

On March 3-4, come join us at our booth at the upcoming conference, AM Industry Summit powered by ASME.

February 9, 2021, San Francisco, CA — 3D Control Systems (3DPrinterOS) today introduced ZAP, an all-new  advanced manufacturing platform, leveraging the efficiency of its innovative 3D desktop printing system for education and enterprise and bringing a new platform, ZAP, to the advanced manufacturing industry. The automated workflow platform integrates disparate 3D printer systems, frees users of risk for future technology integrations, and eliminates costs for system migration, deployment, and upgrades. This makes the new ZAP platform the ideal solution for advanced manufacturing factories that are looking to address requests that range from automating internal 3D printers to managing external production more efficiently.

3D Control System’s ZAP operating system eliminates the burden of dealing with multiple 3D printing systems that do not talk to each other.  The software platform works like an operating system which is agnostic to any printer manufacturer software and design tools in use. It integrates and connects disparate 3D printing systems in a fully automated way which gives managers one easy-to-use software interface.

"When budgeting for the cost of running an advanced manufacturing facility, companies often overlook the massive hidden variable costs involving owning and operating equipment, software, people, and processes. These costs are usually 10x more than manufacturers expect," said one early adopter customer.  "ZAP eliminates the cost variables through integration of all components to provide seamless automated interaction, resulting in reduced time and cost."

For several years, 3D Control Systems was controlling 3D printers from the 3DPrinterOS cloud operating system that could provide file management, job preparation and much more for organizations operating fleets and arrays of 3D printers. The results have been overwhelmingly positive and addresses an industry gap that no one company has been able to do. Through its extensive manufacturing knowledge and partnership network, the company has been able to automate the entire production process for 3D printing.

Additive Manufacturing Workflow Software: MES + PLM + ERP + CRM Powered by AI

As 3D printers are added, the management complexity increases drastically, and systems to oversee them bring great value to organizations and manufacturers. 3D Control Systems has seen unparalleled growth since its founding in 2014, partnering with 3D printer manufacturers behind the scenes to accelerate adoption. “ZAP encompasses everything operators need to run a factory, from ERP, MES, CRM, and PLM. Our extensive partnership ecosystem has driven full automation,” said Michelle Bockman, CEO, 3D Control Systems. “The solution for our customers’ biggest challenge with 3D printing is to give them one agnostic cloud-based decentralized manufacturing operating system.”

On March 3-4, come join us at our booth at the upcoming conference, AM Industry Summit powered by ASME.

About 3D Control Systems

3D Control Systems is the parent company of 3DPrinterOS which revolutionized the desktop 3D printing industry with their Operating System platform introducing “one click” manufacturing.  3D Control Systems has now launched ZAP, an automated, workflow platform purpose-build for advanced manufacturing helping customer drive efficiencies and simplification.  To learn more visit

3D Control Systems
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