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3D Printing Through The Eyes of 3rd Graders

A few weeks back, we had the pleasure of hosting a 3D printing class for a group of 3rd graders from a local elementary school near our campus is Estonia. Class began with a brief introduction of 3D printing and how the technology works. Within no time the children were buzzing with excitement and ideas about what they could 3D print! Once settled, we introduced the students to 3DPrtinterOS where they were able to access files from Yeggi and Thingiverse and print all from one platform. The files chosen came to no surprise, which included things like horses, dogs, planes and everything an elementary school student holds dear. Here is an overview on how those 3D Models were made into a reality.

 3dprinting-doggy-3dprinterosThis cool looking pooch was chosen by Ingel. He printed this on our BQ Witbox with custom supports from Meshmixer. Downloaded from Thingiverse, this cute guy took about 3 hours to print.

3dPrint-Plane-3dprinteros-cloudprintingHenry wanted an airplane. In order for it to print properly on the Dremel 3D Idea Builder, we downloaded the file from Thingiverse and separated into three pieces using Netfabb, so it wouldn’t need supports.

3d-printed-plane-netfabb-3dprinteros-cloudprintingWhen the parts were ready, we glued them together.The combined print time was about 3 hours.

3dprinted-xwing-3dprinteros-educationMart wanted a Star Wars X-Wing fighter – actually who wouldn’t? We repaired the file via the 3DPrinterOS Cloud Netfabb application and printed it on the Dremel Idea Builder and after about 2 hours Mart was able to take this awesome model home with him!

3dprinted-skull-3dprinteros-cloudprintingRasmus chose an anatomical human skull, he was really into Shakespeare. We again used Meshmixer for the supports and printed this via the Dremel 3D Idea Builder for a total build time of 3 hours and 34 minutes.

3d-horse-estonia-cloudprinting-3dprinterosMaria really needed a horsey, so we took the file from Thingiverse and made the supports with Meshmixer. Though the first print didn’t come out so great we don’t shy away from failure as it is one of the best ways to learn! After some tinkering and readjustment, we made a few custom supports and the second attempt proved successful!

3dprinteros-3d-horses-estonia-cloudprintingMia also liked horses, so we took a 3D scanned horse, repaired it in our cloud Netfabb app, and made supports in Meshmixer. We had a few failed prints at first, so we made a custom raft to ensure the print would stick to the build-plate on the Dremel 3D Idea Builder.


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