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3D Print from a Chromebook

Forget the need to download and install slicing software and discover 3D printing from a Chromebook with 3DPrinterOS!


Set Up and Select Your 3D Printer

The setup is streamlined for Chromebook users, ensuring a smooth start to your 3D printing journey.

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3D Print from a chromebook

Prepare your 3D Model for
3D Printing

Upload and prepare your STL file in the 3DPrinterOS workspace. Here, you can make necessary adjustments to your 3D model with user-friendly tools. Decide on support structures and infill density with easy-to-navigate settings, ensuring your print is high-quality and structurally sound.

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3d print from a chromebook

Slice and Start 3D Printing

Convert your prepared model into G-code with a simple click on the "Print" button. Download the G-code file, transfer it to your printer, and watch as your creation comes to life. The intuitive interface of 3DPrinterOS makes 3D printing from your Chromebook not just possible, but also incredibly efficient.

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3d print from a chromebook

Join the 3D Printing Chromebook revolution with 3DPrinterOS

Begin your 3D printing journey on a Chromebook with 3DPrinterOS today. Tap into powerful, user-friendly, and accessible printing right from your browser. Get started now!

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