Connect Your 3D Printer To The Cloud

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Wherever you are

Connect your 3D Printer to the cloud via Windows, Mac, Raspberry Pi or Ubuntu.
Edit, slice, and print designs from your computers, phones, or tablets.

Wherever you are
Sharing made easy

Sharing made easy

Share your designs and printers with one click.
Give full print or queuing access to students and unleash the power of 3D Printing in your classroom or workplace.

Cloud Slicing

Leveraging the power of the cloud to make slicing lightning fast. Spend more time printing and less time waiting for files to slice.

Magic Fix

Our Magic Fix App prepares designs automatically for 3D Printing. Magic Fix analyzes, repairs and rotates files for printing exactly on your unique 3D Printer.

Advanced Statistics

Track 3D Printers, filament used, hours printed and have access to full print logs, individual job ids, and error reports from failed prints.

Turn your desktop 3D Printer
into a manufacturing hub

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