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Easy to install, simple to use, 3DPrinterOS just works
“We had the chance to try 3DPrinterOS at the NYC 3D Print Show and we were amazed by the quality of their solution and their fast growth. They are building the first 3D printing operating system and we’re excited that they have chosen Sketchfab to bring a social dimension to their platform.”
“3DPrinterOS was able to provide the missing link to streamline the printing experience for our users.”
“Our 3D print service runs 24/7 so we really need reliable software. 3DprinterOS let's us manage multiple printers with ease. If we have any question they help us incredibly fast.“
Rapide 3D
“What Windows achieved in the personal and desktop PC environment in the late 80’s and early 90’s, 3DPrinterOS is about to do in the 3D printer space.”
3D Printlife
“There are multiple facets to what 3DPrinterOS is doing. Optimizing print files for specific hardware, tracking user information, and managing a network of printers from a single software. It’s 3D Printing made easy, it’s a simple as that.”
“Thanks to 3dprinteros, students can leap right into STEAM learning.”
“So far the changes in the system since last October have been dramatic and amazing.”
Martin Sipek
“With 3DPrinterOS, I can control my printer from anywhere and manage my projects. Their support is very good and the interface is very friendly for new users.”
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Track Users, Manage Printers

Join schools and universities around the world who save time and money by monitoring and controlling printing.

Wherever you are

Professional Services & Support

We offer 3d printer firmware debugging, custom API’s, white labeling and private cloud solutions for enterprises.


The smarter way to 3d print

3dprinteros makes it easy to manage your printers and users without the complexity

Wherever you are
No experience necessary

We offer simple yet powerful tools for every age-level to get started and keep printing.

Any platform, any device

Works with almost any 3d printer. Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Raspberry Pi.

Report on usage

By user, printers or workgroups.