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Cloud Operating System

This is the world's first open 3D printing operating system. Give it a try!
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What you get:

  • Control an unlimited amount of printers from one interface
  • No more babysitting your 3D Printer (view print jobs live from your mobile)
  • Manage users and print jobs from the cloud
  • Video recording and data logging of every printer

Connect your 3D printer to the cloud!

Check out what you can do already today!

Step Download
3D Printer Windows XP/7/8 MAC * Linux Raspberry Pi**
Makerbot 2, 2X, Dual Download Beta v1.2 Download Beta v1.2 Request Beta v0.9 Request Image v1.2
Ultimaker 1, 2 Download Beta v1.0 Download Beta v1.0 Request Alpha v0.3 Request Image v0.3
Duplicator 3, 4 Download Beta v1.2 Download Beta v1.2 Request Beta v1.0 Request Image v1.2
Leapfrog Creatr Request Alpha v0.5 Request Alpha v0.75 Request Alpha v0.35 Request Image v0.35
RepRap (Marlin) Request Alpha v0.8 Request Alpha v0.9 Request Alpha v0.75 Request Image v0.9
Other Integrate Your Printer
* MacOS 10.7.3+, Intel Processor
** Raspberry Pi type B, 8GB SD card, 2A power supply is needed

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