3DPrinterOS EasyBox + One Year Premium Licence 🖨 3DPrinterOS

3DPrinterOS EasyBox + One Year Premium Licence


$469.00 $369.00

Unleash the full power of 3DPrinterOS Cloud with a combo of Premium License and EasyBox

Each EasyBox includes:

  • 1 Genius wide-angle HD Camera.
  • 3ft of Ethernet cable.
  • 1 16gb MicroSD card preloaded with 3DPrinterOS.
  • 1 Vilros Raspberry Pi 4.
  • Power supply.

Premium License Main Features:

  • Unlimited private storage for files and projects.
  • Premium applications, including Virtual Factory, Simplify, Prototype and Obfuscator.
  • HD streaming of prints from any web-enabled device makes monitoring jobs a breeze. Automatically receive timelapse videos for completed prints
  • Slicing for all supported printer types and view files of any size in seconds not minutes.
  • Edit and analyze designs with powerful visualization tools including layer by layer view of gcodes.
  • Complete print history, so you manage multiple files and reprint favorites with the click of a button.
  • Share printers and files between users with ease.
  • Access and control of 3D Printers and job queues from anytime, anywhere and from any device.
  • Live support.

Tech Specs:

  • Compatible with the most popular FFF 3D printers available on the market
  • Supports Windows, Mac, Raspberry Pi and Linux.
  • Works with existing 3D printer firmware
  • Powered by Microsoft Azure
  • Cloud Slicing of +1Gb files



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