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3D Printing 101 – New York

Almost a year ago, 3DPrinterOS began teaching free classes on the basics in 3D printing on the premise that so many people seemed interested in the technology and a clear lack of resources available to teach people about it.

Since the first class of around 15 attendees, these classes have grown from a small shared space in Bushwick, New York to packed auditoriums at Brooklyn’s largest public library and a collaboration with Ultimaker to help reach even more people. 

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Ask questions and learn how 3d printing works in-person

Seeing a 3D printer for the first time is for most an unforgettable experience. It’s one thing to see 3D printing in a video or to have someone explain the basic concept to you but the true understanding and inspiration comes when you can see a 3D printer in action, touch actual prints and grasp the limitless potential of 3D printing. It’s these experiences that inspire us to teach these class to children, hobbyists, and adults alike.

What can you expect to learn at 3D Printing 101?

-What is 3D Printing and how does it work?
-A brief history of 3D Printing.
-How do we take an idea and turn it into a physical object?
-Common materials used with desktop 3D Printing.
-General overview on software and design tools
-Complete overview of a 3D Printer and its parts
-Recent industry news and innovations

In addition to the lecture portion of 3D Printing 101 we encourage an open Q & A session which is where most of the fun and learning happens. There is no such thing as a silly question when it comes to asking about the possibilities of 3D printing. At our most recent class a young girl asked about 3D printing with ice to a skeptic crowd only to find out that you actually can 3D print with ice!

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Topics from 3D printed food, which everyone loves, to DIY prosthetics at home are all included in 3D Printing 101. It’s often a struggle to keep a class with so much to only two hours and the conversations rarely end there. The inspiration catalyzed by 3D Printing and these classes is our inspiration to continue teaching these class and educating the folks that will create the innovations of tomorrow.

We’re looking to grow our 3D Printing 101 classes into other cities and we encourage passionate people who are willing to share their expertise on 3D Printing with the world to drop us a line here.

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